Czech technological nanosatellite

Developed by research institution, commercial companies and universities

24.6.2017, satellite platform is fully operational

Satellite platform is fully operational. We have two-sided data communication.

Deployable systems were deployed:


csp-term # mt sw      

MT switches (res=0):

ANT1 switch[1]: RELEASED

ANT1 switch[2]: RELEASED

ANT1 switch[3]: RELEASED

ANT1 switch[4]: RELEASED

ANT2 switch[1]: RELEASED

ANT2 switch[2]: RELEASED

ANT2 switch[3]: RELEASED

ANT2 switch[4]: RELEASED

HM screw:     RELEASED

HM spring:    RELEASED

Solar screw:  RELEASED

Optics 1:     closed

Optics 2:     closed

Solar spring: RELEASED


Optics is closed according our plan.


EPS parameters:

csp-term # obc wod

su: 0, fw: 0, bc: 0 

battery volt: 8.250

battery curr: 0.299

3v3 curr: ?

5v0 curr: 0.100

temp com: 11.00

temp eps: 11.00

temp bat: 10.00

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