Czech technological nanosatellite

Developed by research institution, commercial companies and universities


VZLU is involved in the project called "Experimental verification of aerospace products and technologies on nanosatelit VZLUSAT-1", which is part of the programme Alfa provided by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TACR).

VZLUSAT-1 is nanosatelit type 2U CubeSat (20cm x 10cm) with hinged panels developed in VZLU. The primary objective of the project VZLUSAT-1 is the development, manufacturing, qualification and experimental verification of products and technologies on Earth orbit. 

VZLU develops the proposal of a small test nanosatelite CubeSat, which will be launched into Earth orbit and then processes the information and telemetry data measured in space. The realization of this project involved except VZLU other Czech aviation companies: 5M, Innovative Sensor Technology and TTS. 

Condition for meeting the objectives is fully functional nanosatelit operated by ground stations. 

Now the products are developed to a state qualifying models. Individual products will be subjected to a test campaign, functional and environmental testing in the appropriate space environment. 

Since July the project expanded to include X-ray telescope alias binoculars. In case of successful implementation will be rendered X-ray telescope in Earth orbit for tracking the Sun in medium-hard X-ray region, thereby Czech Republic ranks among the valid participants of QB50 mission, during which will be handed down 50 nanosatelites from all over world. This is a unique X-ray monitoring system that could be used in the future on the wide X-ray to monitor Sun in real time. The development of these unique optical and X-ray detection technology enables implicitly the development of nanotechnology. 

The whole nanosatelit is divided into individual elements that make up the payload (cargo) and a flight platform. Here you can see the CAD model in flight configuration:

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