Czech technological nanosatellite

Developed by research institution, commercial companies and universities

Miniaturized X-ray telescope

The payload represents demonstration of the novel concept of miniaturized X-ray telescope in-orbit.

The telescope consists of wide-field optical system “Lobster Eye”. Optics is based on multi-foil optics for X-ray energies from 3 keV up to 30keV. The optics was developed by Czech company Rigaku Innovative Technologies Europe (RITE). Detection is based on pixel sensor Timepix. New concept allows measuring of higher spectrum energies together with optical-electronic compression of data.

Telescope with this concept can be used in the future for:

  • Space weather forecasting (Solar flares monitoring),
  • Astrophysical all sky GRBs monitor,
  • Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes monitor.

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