Czech technological nanosatellite

Developed by research institution, commercial companies and universities


13.7.2017, all onboard data transferred to the ground

26.6.2017 searching for our nanosatellite between 31 others

24.6.2017, satellite platform is fully operational

23.6.2017, 9:03:20, beacon signal

23.6.2017, 4:30 UTC: We are in the orbit!

Launch date on friday, June 23, 2017

Term of the launch is June 23, 2017 at 3:59 UTC. Launch site: India


VZLU is involved in the project called "Experimental verification of aerospace products and technologies on nanosatelit VZLUSAT-1", which is part of the programme Alfa provided by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TACR).

VZLU´s Cubesat on Gateway to Space

In addition to the spacesuit of Y. Gagarin, the Lunar Rover truck or orbital station MIR, a model of the Czech nanosatellite VZLUSAT-1, which is being developed in VZLÚ, is displayed here.

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