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VZLUSAT-1 Celebrates Five Years in Space

The Czech nanosatellite VZLUSAT-1 has been in Earth's orbit for five years. It still provides scientific and technological data. VZLUSAT-1 is a project by the Czech Aerospace Research Centre, commercial companies, and universities. It was launched on June 23, 2017. 

Since then, it has orbited the Earth more than 28,000 times. "I'm glad that VZLUSAT-1, designed as a technology platform, still works and communicates with us. It is a great success. It is the longest-serving Czech satellite," says Josef Kašpar, the Czech Aerospace Research Centre's Board Chairman and General Director. 

"It is a huge achievement. Developing a satellite was a challenge. The fact that it still works today is probably the result of meticulous work and long testing of the entire system. And also a bit of luck," adds VZLÚ system engineer Vladimír Dániel. 

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